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OVERKILL™ Silver Flame® 125 Broadheads 3-Pack

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"GrizzlyStik - Setting You up for Success"

With all the talk about the bone splitting power of single bevel broadheads – you might ask… 

“Why shoot double bevel Silver Flame broadheads?” 

The answer is simple… 

Some bowhunters have complete confidence in their shot placement skills and what they want is an ultra-sharp, tough as nails broadhead that flies great from any bow and penetrates like crazy. What they want is GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads. 

Silver Flame REDLINE broadheads are
hunting sharp right out of the package

We firmly believe there isn’t a better double beveled broadhead available than the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame. They have proven their lethality on all manner of big game and all around the globe. From Whitetail to Elephant and everything in-between, GrizzlyStik Silver Flame double bevel broadheads are the “Gold Standard” of double bevel broadheads. 

Try a pack of GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads today – you can thank us later by sending pictures of your success.


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Caution: Does NOT fit Easton Deep Six

 Is there a difference between GrizzlyStik and German Kinetic Silver Flame's?


Silver Flame product test by Cleve Cheney - Equipment editor for Africa Bowhunter Magazine


Silver Flame 125 Broadhead:

♦  AUS4 Stainless Steel blades 

♦  54 Rockwell Hardness

♦  .052" Blade Thichness

♦  1.15" x 2.70"

♦  Convex edge design

♦  Double bevel grind

♦  Anodized 7075 aluminum ferrule

♦  Smooth transition, low profile ferrule

♦  Ferrule diameter .334"

♦  Stainless Steel Hes screws

♦  Hunting sharp from the packaget

♦  125 grains

♦  Fits all standard threaded inserts

♦  3 per pack

**Coastal Rosie** "A bull we call Devil Points, the one I called in to 12 yards last week bugling then winded me, was now pushing his harem down the hill right towards me around 6pm Thursday night. As I kept them talking with some sweet little cow calls, he bugled and came to broadside at 25 yards.
Settling all my pins on him, THWACK, double lung pass through! He ran up the hill and before I knew it that lovely crashing sound echoed the coast range. The sheer size of their bodies is something to see, I knew our work was cut out for us.With the help of Dad, Alyssa and my brother, we finally hit our beds at 4:02am, and it was absolutely worth it!" - @tycary_sbp

Ty was shooting tapered Momentum TDT arrows tipped with Silver Flame OVERKILL 125 broadheads for this Oregon coastal Rosie.

Guides Tale on Water Buffalo with OVERKILL Silver Flamer 125

The Best Pack of Broadheads Under $55? - South Texas hunting guide Juan Saenz helps make our case for the OVERKILL Silver Flame 125's on this massive water buffalo.

All OVERKILL's come out of the pack hair shaving sharp and have very quickly proven themselves lethal on the world's largest animals. At under $50 a 3 pack, no other broadhead in it's class can compete on sharpess, edge retention and overall structural integrity.

If your looking to upgrade your bowhunting kit for next season, the OVERKILL series of broadheads from GrizzlyStik is a perfect place to start.

OVERKILL Silver Flame 125 vs Iberian Big Game

**Take a Holiday in Spain** • Drink sangria, eat tapas and go bowhunting - Corey Schaefer enjoying everything the Spanish countryside has to offer. Shooting the high FOC GrizzlyStik system tipped with OVERKILL Silver Flame 125 broadheads made everything easy......stalk, release arrow, take picture, repeat.