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Total Khaos Outdoors

Shoot Through'm - "650 grains with the Silver Flame Overkill 125 XL broadhead! Second chance buck - he came in at 37 yards shot he reacted and scurried out of the field 15 minutes later he stepped back out and team member Michael Bunton pile drived him through the front shoulders at 34 yards!

This deer expired in less than 30 seconds, heavy arrows and heavy heads are the way to go! As a team we have killed 9 deer in the last month all have hit bone and made a complete pass through.

Every deer we have shot with these heavy arrow setups has expired in 30 seconds or less! The broadhead has had no damage! When it comes to grizzlystik products the whole crew from Total Khaos Outdoors a true believers!" - Total Khaos Outdoors