GrizzlyStik Success: Whitetails, Blacktails, and Mule Deer


STOP shooting at Deer - START shooting through them!

If you or any of your hunting partners are having issues with poor arrow & broadhead performance on Whitetails, it's time to TEST to the GrizzlyStik TDT System.


"Traditional Rebel" - Every so often, someone comes along and starts doing things differently. Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline just so happens to be one of those people.

Jared was looking to create something "Real" in outdoor media. A series of No sponsorship, in-the-raw, self guided, self filmed, pubic land hunting videos. Would it ever work? After 9 (working on 10) public land videos and some absolutely amazing bowhunting success, we sure think so.

At GrizzlyStik, we've never had a Pro Staff or media sponsorship. We've never seen the point in paying someone to shoot and endorse our products. Instead we choose to focus solely on guide, PH and customers testimonials.

Lucky of us, Jared happens to be one of our customers. His arrow & broadhead system of choice? GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with Silver Flame XXL broadheads.

Much respect to Jared for breaking the mold and proving outdoor media can be a success without doing it the same old way. Hopefully more will follow your footsteps.

"Just Passin' Through" - Is there any greater rush than finding your arrow like this?

A traditional pass through for Jake Rautio on this late season, northern Wisconsin buck.

All things being equal, if you have just one shot, the GrizzlyStik 650 system is proven to increase your odds of "feeling the rush."

Fixed Blade Case Study - "I shot this buck last night at my farm in Mississippi and I wanted to share the carnage the GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL delivered. Quartering toward shot, complete pass through, massive wound channel and short blood trail! What more could a bowhunter ask for?" - Jim Dilley 


Trad Doe Double – “Yes, I am a happy hunter. Two shoot opportunities and two deer within minutes. This has never happened for me before. The 650 grain GrizzlyStik arrow tipped with 200 grain Maasai broadheads worked like a charm from my 51# Great Northern jack knife longbow. One nice big one and a smaller one. I’m grateful that I was gifted these two deer. Tobacco was put down…much respect” - Todd Smith


Firefighter's 🔥Best🔥 - "No official score yet yet. I do know the base of his left antler was 7-1/4” around. I called my taxidermist and he gave me his gross measurement of 171". I was hoping high 150's but to be honest, I don't care where he ends up. He's the biggest buck I've ever shot and nothing is going to change that!

He was quartering away at 40 yards when I let my arrow go. I aimed in front of his hip and it came out through offside shoulder - Full pass through the long way! He trotted off maybe 20 yards, stood there and fell over.

Just keep makin a great arrow set up. I tell everyone that hunts here on the fire department all about your GrizzlyStik system and how they need to switch. I never worry about hitting a shoulder ever again. I have one arrow set up for moose or buffalo down to whitetails and pronghorn." - Greg Elliott

Iowa Tank - "I was able to harvest this buck in Iowa using your GrizzlyStik Momentum Arrows with a 100 grain two blade broadhead. It was a 52 yard shot, straight through the heart and passed through the deer and buried 6" in the dirt after passing through the deer.

He dressed at 205#, and green scored 147 2/8". I am shooting a Elite Hunter 32 @ 65# which did the job. Enjoy the pictures and I will let you know how the new arrows shoot.”
- Brooks Lundeen

Mississippi Monarch - "I've been dreaming about a buck like this my whole life. When he showed up on trail cam a couple of years ago, I knew I needed to upgrade my arrows and broadheads. I thought I might only ever get one shot at him and I better make it count.

After watching all the Cape buffalo videos on your website, I knew I wanted to shoot GrizzlyStik. If you're building arrows that shoot through buffalo, I figured it would work just fine on whitetails. I got your 650 grain Momentum arrows with the 200 grain Monarch broadheads to shoot like missiles from my 70# bow.

Well the rut was thd end of this buck. Of all things, he showed himself right in the middle of the day. As he was walking in toward my stand, I drew and put my 30 yard pin right on his shoulder. From the time the arrow hit him till he was on the ground was under a minute. Just like your buffalo videos, I shot right through his front shoulder.

Thank for making the best arrows and broadheads I personally have ever hunted with. GrizzlyStik not only helped me fill my freezer, but you helped me realize a lifelong dream." - Kelvin White

No Such Thing as Overkill - "Here's my first traditional bow kill, a 9 pointer taken on public land in Wisconsin.  I was hunting from the ground and called this buck into 6 yards for a shot. My Ashby 315 grain broadhead proceeded to double lung him and I couldn't be happier with the results." - Jeremy Clark

Garden State 💔 Break - "My man Garrett, opening weekend success here in NJ! Shot this buck quartering to and the Silver Flame zipped right through, cut heart in half and then broke opposite side shoulder. Buck went 4 feet and died!

As a bonus, we have a ton of foxes here and this guy happen to be chasing two fawns around the field and ran right past me. Silver flame split him wide open, in behind one shoulder and right through the other, dead in seconds. Pouring rain all day too, so my lucky GrizzlyStik oiled cap did the job!" - Chris Migliaro

The Hard Way - Congratulations to Ben Hardesty for finding success on the ground in Iowa. Taking any whitetail spot & stalk is an amazing accomplishment but this buck is extra special to Ben - it's his first one.

Mule Darts - “It’s a huge relief watching animals go down within sight of the shot. Everything just gets easier when our clients are shooting GrizzlyStik.”

Colorado based professional hunting guide Neil Emick of Sandy Hills Hunting Company has been recommending and using our 200-grain single bevel Maasai broadheads to his clients (and his wife Rinda) for the past couple of seasons.

Trust your guide, Trust GrizzlyStik

Thing's Go Wrong - "The 650 grain combo works. I had 1/2 second to take a shot at this buck walking 25 yards out and quartering away. I underestimated the lead and the arrow hit him in the hind quarter, but had enough momentum to penetrate through his abdomen and into his lungs. He ran 99 yards and was down.

I have no doubt thst with a lesser arrow/broadhead combo this story would have ended much differently. I was shooting the GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT arrows with 200 grain Massai shot from my 52# bow. Thing's went wrong and I still got him. Thanks GrizzlyStik!" - Rudy


"Another Northern California blacktail down with my GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and 200 grain Samurai broadheads." - Reed Gatton of Gatton Taxidermy

Question - Is 650 grains Overkill for an Afognak Island Blacktail hunt?

GrizzlyStik Answer - Only if you don't like shooting through them. 

Dale Huntsman trusted the GrizzlyStik 650 system of Momentum TDT tapered arrows tipped with a 200 grain, single bevel Samurai broadheads. He was rewarded with one red arrow, a short recovery and a beach photo.

Do Single Bevel Broadheads Leave Bloodtrails? yeah.

"I was hoping for a buck, but was able to put meat in the freezer tonight as our season comes to a close. Wanted to send a shout out to GrizzlyStik! Group of 5 does came from an unanticipated direction at last light.

She was quartering hard toward me but because of the GrizzlyStik system I had the confidence to take the shot, put the pin on the front of her shoulder and sent it! Arrow entered the front of the shoulder, passed through lungs, and exited through 3 ribs with a complete pass through!

This was a 28 yard shot from a 65# bow, she only ran 15 yards and expired. Momentum’s topped with a 200 grain Maasai (total 650) where devastating. It’s like coyote hunting with a 300 Win Mag, if they are in range, they are going down. Thanks GrizzlyStik!" - Charlie Vogel

Snow Buck - Chris Parrino with this late season tank taken with the GrizzlyStik 650 system. Over the years, Chris has enjoyed huge success on whitetail(s), elk(s) and brown bear(s) shooting our system of full length tapered arrows and surgically sharp broadheads from his recurve.

Happy Wife, Happy Life - "We were introduced to GrizzlyStik at a local NC hunting festival. I was immediately confused at the idea of such heavy arrows and point weights. After reading all the Ashby reports I decided to build some EFOC arrows for both my wife and I.

The last few years she has taken deer but only by pure luck due to terrible arrow performance. She is a 24.5” draw pulling 47 lbs on a Malthews SDX. So I built her new arrows to 504 grains at 25% FOC, tipped with a 125 Samurai. 

The shot on this doe landed higher than desired but the arrow entered on a rib, (breaking it) hit the spine, (breaking it) and out the top of the far shoulder (breaking it also). The deer was dead where it stood. The devastation and laceration was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

The 125 grain Samurai single bevel did everything y’all said it would do. Without it there no telling how the situation would have played out. Best broadhead period." - Travis Fitzgerarld, Proud Husband


Traditional Performance - "I shot this buck at 15 yards with my 650 GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT and a Maasai 200 broadhead. My arrow passed clean through and was buried in gound. The buck was down within sight.....awesome, just awesome!" - Alex Taylor

Isn't it Ironic? While traveling in the US for hunting expos, what animal do Africa's dangerous game PH's want to hunt? Whitetails of course.

Zambian based PH Strang Middleton "testing" the new REDLINE Silver Flame 125 XL broadheads & tapered Momentum TDT arrows on a Mississippi buck.

Trust the best guides in the world, trust GrizzlyStik.

Traditional bowyer Tim Waller had complete confidence when he took his shot of lifetime. Tim shoots our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our 200 grain Maasai broadheads from his custom longbows. The 650 grain combination has scored him several spectacular bucks and delivered on this South Dakota monarch - Tim's buck of a lifetime.

"I’ve never been a huge fan of switching arrow setups during the middle of the hunting season. With the Momentum TDT arrows and Massai 200 broadheads I’ve finally found one setup that truly does it all. Over the last few years I’ve put the GrizzlyStik 650 system to work and the results have been outstanding! Thanks GrizzlyStik, I appreciate it." - Adam Kane

"Warning - Dangerous Man" - Since switching to the GrizzlyStik arrow & broadhead system, Brandon Trout has been a dangerous man. It's not even November and Brandon has - SIX - does on the ground. Did we mention dangerous?

Brandon is shooting a 554 grain (all in) Momentum TDT arrow tipped with our 200 grain Silver Flame XXL broadheads


Oregon Blacktail success for Rihana Cary shooting GrizzlyStik Silver Flame 125 grain broadheads.

Clark Jordan shot this nice 3 point blacktail at 30 yards with a Maasai broadhead from GrizzlyStik while hunting with Rogue Expeditions. The buck ran 50 yards and piled up in the alders.

164 3-8” 6 x 5 Magnolia Monarch – “I was only 8' up in my tree and he walked right under me. At 15 yards out, he stopped perfectly broadside and I let it loose. The arrow disappeared at impact but it was a little high and back. Even with that arrow placement, I wasn't too worried. He was pumping out a serious amount of blood as he ran out of sight.

I gave him some time and then got down to recover the arrow. From where my arrow made contact, I turned on my GPS and started tracking. It quickly became evident that I was tracking three separate blood trails at the same time. One trail from the near side wound, one trail from the far side and one trail from his nose. As I followed (not really tracking), I never had to look up once. I walked right to him.

Magnolia state records informed me they have never scored a traditional deer this large in Mississippi. Nothing official yet but they can't find a bigger one on the books. Thanks again GrizzlyStik for making your arrows & broadheads. After shoot GrizzlyStik for the past 15 years, I love them more now than I ever have.” - Joey Buchanan

950 grains = Overkill? - "I switched several years ago to GrizzlyStik because I was getting ready for a pair of African safaris. After testing, I selected the Momentum tapered arrows built to 950 grains with a 315 Ashby broadhead upfront. Over both safaris, I had 9 consecutive one shot kills on giraffe, lion, eland, kudu and other plains game.

After returning home, I started to openly wonder if I could us the same 950 grain system on elk and whitetails? Would it be fast enough? Could I shoot far enough? Would my bowhunting friends think I'm crazy?

Well I'm happy to report I'm not the crazy one, light/speed freaks are. My arrows pass through everything I shoot at. There really is no such thing as overkill. Just putting animals down faster and more ethically." - Mick Cheshire

Traditional bowyer Tim Waller has been a GrizzlyStik customer since 2009. Tim shoots our 650 grain (all in) GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with our Maasai 200 grain broadheads from his longbows. This combination has delivered Tim some spectacular whitetail success.

Jay Osting of Bowhunting Safari Consultants with an awesome Ohio buck taken with a Momentum TDT anrrow tipped with a Silver Flame 125XL. 


Wisconsin Jane Doe - "Once again your equipment performed flawlessly. I cannot imagine using anything else after how well the last year has gone for me. Three big game animals down and the furthest track job was 15 yards.

I'm beginning to think these Momentum TDT arrows and 440C broadheads are flat out unfair. Keep doing what you're doing! You're making the most lethal equipment on the planet!"
- Issac Jestus of Limb Driven TV

Batman's Beltbuckle - “Sliced what seemed like every rib on the deer’s left side and even encountered some spine. Head still looked brand new and the scary part…it still shaved hair.” – Aaron Miller 



“I was able to harvest this 9-point buck on public land in Morris, Illinois. The deer was quartering towards me at 35 yards when I took the shot. My arrow broke a rib, punctured the lung and then continued through the animal eventually chipping the femur and lodging itself in the round of the back leg.

My GrizzlyStik snapped when the deer took its first steps and the deer collapsed less than a minute later, no farther than 75 yards from the initial spot. The deer weighed in at 217# after being field dressed. I continue to be amazed by the lethality of GrizzlyStiks and Maasai broad head combination.” - Mitch Nowicki

"Media Rebel" - Every so often, someone comes along and starts doing things differently. Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline just so happens to be one of those people.

Jared was looking to create something "Real" in outdoor media. A series of No sponsorship, in-the-raw, self guided, self filmed, pubic land hunting videos. Would it ever work? After 9 (working on 10) public land videos and some absolutely amazing bowhunting success, we sure think so.

At GrizzlyStik, we've never had a Pro Staff or media sponsorship. We've never seen the point in paying someone to shoot and endorse our products. Instead we choose to focus solely on guide, PH and "Real" customers testimonials and success.

Lucky of us, Jared happens to be one of our real customers. His arrow & broadhead system of choice? GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with Silver Flame XXL broadheads.

Much respect to Jared for breaking the mold and proving outdoor media can be a success without doing it the same old way. Hopefully more will follow your footsteps.

Randall White trusted his Canadian velvet whitetail hunt to our GrizzlyStik Maasai 200 grain broadheads. His trust was rewarded with this monster buck and a complete pass through.


"Complete passed thru at 30 yrds! Quartering  towards me (not the most ideal shot, I know) but my only opportunity given the last shooting light presented in the final minutes of the hunt and after a ground stalk / grunting combo to get this buck within range. 

(Plus, I was drawn back and squating behind a lonesome cedar tree for about 3 minutes...)

The arrow burst through the facing rib cage just behind the front shoulder and exited through the opposite side last rib bone / tissue giving me a solid lung and artery hit. 

The animal made it about 80 yards before expiring on a less than an ideal 60 degree slope on the side of an Iowa County driftless area bluff. Made a for fun track and even more exciting recovery process!

He's no Giant, but a worthwhile trophy given the experience. Once again I'm pleased with the GrizzlyStik performance!

P.S. I used the exact arrow and same broadhead that scored me that nice Manitoba Black Bear in early September... and yet once again all it will need is some cleaning and a brisk sharpening to be used again in the late season! 

Please advise when your new arrow packages are ready to be shipped! Thanks GrizzlyStik!" - Jeff Moyer


"100% true these heads are the real deal I've been shooting them for years. Now everyone I've turned on to them has seen the same results and the guys I know that shoot these heads are approaching 150 big game animals combined between all of us these heads are really something my biggest buck to date. I owe to the Silver Flame XXL, I made a bad shot and the head took up the slack for me." - Louis Paull, Mississippi

“Break A Leg” - The GrizzlyStik 650 system of arrows and broadheads was designed following Dr. Ed Ashby’s 30 years of arrow penetration research. As seen in this video, our system will open infinitely more shot opportunities that were once thought taboo. Notice the penetration after breaking the - offside - humorous.

Whitetails can be "ethically" hit in any body position with full arrow penetration. All bone can be defeated and the anxiety of poor arrow performance will shift into confidence.

If light, fast, max KE works for you – keep doing it. If you’re looking for a different way to bowhunt,  try a GrizzlyStik two arrow test pack for yourself.

"My mule deer was ranged at 40, but then spooked to 50 when I drew. Without time to range the buck again, I assumed he was at 55. The first shot hit high completely shattering the spine and dropping him. I fired a second arrow through both front scapula and found it embedded in a dirt bank directly behind the buck. The first arrow was found well beyond the buck after shattering his spine. Died where he stood initially." - Guide Neil Emick using a Maasai 200 grain broadhead.


The GrizzlyStik 650 system of arrows and broadheads was designed following Dr. Ed Ashby’s 30 years of arrow penetration research. As seen in this video, our system will open infinitely more shot opportunities that were once thought taboo. 

Whitetails can be "ethically" hit in any body position with full arrow penetration. All bone can be defeated and the anxiety of poor arrow performance will shift into confidence.

If light, fast, max KE works for you – keep doing it. If you’re looking for a different way to bowhunt, try a GrizzlyStik two arrow test pack for yourself.

Chris Parrino with his Illinois 12 point brusier taken with the GrizzlyStik system.

186 1/8" Kanas Whitetail through the shoulder with the GrizzlyStik System.

"Hey GrizzlyStik, my name is Rusty Johnson. I'm from Arkansas and have been bowhunting for as long as I can remember. After not being able to recover many giant whitetail deer that I have shot with expandable broadheads and lightweight arrows in the past, I was frustrated beyond belief. Something had to change!

This past summer, my son and I put hundreds of hours of research into successful animal recovery, determined to give myself the best possible chance of bringing home the next deer I shoot. Our research concluded with one answer---I had to shoot GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads! 

With the intense scientific proof of the effects of FOC, arrow weight, penetration factors, and a variety of other reasons, there was only one clear choice....shooting anything other than a GrizzlyStik setup inspired by this research would be a huge mistake.  

When the time finally came this past November to shoot a deer with my new GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows, the research became reality. I shot a 186 1/8" Kansas giant! The shot was quartering to, but I didn't second guess the ability of my setup. I put the pin right on his shoulder blade and let the arrow fly! The 650 grain arrow pierced through his shoulder blade like a hot knife through butter. (My single bevel GrizzlyStik Maasai broadhead cracked the shoulder blades in half!) The arrow continued through both lungs, busted through 2 ribs on the other side, and stuck in the ground before the deer even started running! The buck didn't make it 40 yards before piling up in sight. (To give you perspective, my taxidermist said that this was the biggest bodied buck he has ever mounted! And the arrow went through without anything stopping it!)

The guys back at camp were amazed that I would intentionally aim for the shoulder blade....until I flipped the deer over and they saw the exit hole! Then they started to realize what a real hunting setup looks like.

People are usually shocked when I tell them I'm only shooting a 60lb pull at 210 feet per second, but the proof of it's advantage is in the Boone and Crockett whitetail on my wall. (My son is shooting a 20 grain heavier GrizzlyStik arrow.... 33 fps faster than me!)

I believe that if I was shooting the typical uninformed setup that I used to run (lightweight, speed obsessed, expandable broadheads), I would not have recovered this deer, or at least not with the same shot placement! I have now have the confidence to aim at the vitals at any angle and be sure that nothing will stop that arrow from going through the entire deer and I will have the best chance possible at recovery!

Thank you for making a superior product! The only regret I have is not having this setup sooner!" - Rusty Johnson 


GrizzlyStik Customer Jared Scheffler of 
Whitetail Adrenaline has been using GrizzlyStik System of arrows and broadheads in the production of their outstanding hunting movies.

"Defiance" Round 1 & 2 DVD Combo Pack 

Jeremy Johnson used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow weighted up to 650 grains with a Monach broadhead to take the solo Oregon blacktail. The arrow made a complete pass-through.

GrizzlyStik customer Trey Strong used a GrizzlyStik Momentum 330 and Maasai broadhead for this traditional harvest.

"Once again, one of your GrizzlyStik products, the Samurai 125 grain broadhead, performed perfectly and I harvested this beautiful Sheridan WY whitetail during the rut. 

He rattled in with several others and gave me a 10 yard, longbow shot from my tree stand. Very exciting. Thanks for your great products!"  Brian Mutch

199 6/8"


“I just got back from a whitetail deer hunt in Texas and I was able to harvest two great deer.  My 199 6/8 was a 31 yard broadside shot and my 178' was a 22 yard quartering away shot.  Both shots caught the shoulder and both arrows completely passed through. We had great blood trail but we really didn’t need them.  Neither deer travel more than 40 yards after contact. I’m extremely impressed with the GrizzlyStik system and its flawless performance.”  Jon-Paul Dafonte


Mathews Halon 6 28" 70# 

GrizzlyStik Momentum 250

Silver Flame 150XL

Total arrow weight 628 grains with 21% FOC

"I was looking to improve my set up to make sure that when I connected with an animal, I could give myself the best chance to recover it no matter what. I shot this doe on a crisp morning and shortly after, I was able to recover my first deer with a bow. I couldn't be happier with the set up. The doe dropped on the arrow's impact because of the hard hitting power. I'll never use any other arrow set up. Momentum Black 330 with a 200 grain Maasai has performed better than any other set up I've seen for whitetail." Rylan

"Hi Ginny, just wanted to show off my first deer with my new GrizzlyStik set up!! This is my second deer with a bow and the first buck of my life. My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Maasai 200 broadhead gave me confidence and a pass through on this bad boy!! Thanks for the great product!!!"  Chris Apfelstadt

"Hey guys! Just wanted to send out a huge thank you for making some amazing products! This was my first year using GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and I was interested to see how they would perform. I had shot many deer with other arrow brands but I am now a true believer in momentum. I shot this Minnesota buck at 25 yards. It was a complete pass through double lung shot and the deer expired in under 20 seconds. When I retrieved the arrow it was stuck a good 12 inches in the ground! I have never seen an arrow blow through a deer like that and with the heavy arrow setup my bow is whisper quiet! Thanks GrizzlyStik!" Brian Paul Hallberg 


To the folks at GrizzlyStik, I’m sending photos of whitetail harvested with my 50lb recurve. This is my first deer with traditional equipment using Samurai Broadhead and Momentum arrows. One significant fact, when I Cleaning deer up for freezer I discovered that he had a broadhead (see picture above) lodged between scapula and rib cage.  My arrow slammed into the same area but with different results not only did my arrow and head out penetrate other head but slit both scapula and both lungs a short tracking job of 20 yards. Thanks for adding to my success we also harvest antlerless deer using heads and arrows thanks again. Kevin Yineman                  




Congratulations to James Kennedy on this nice Montana buck taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai 200 grain single bevel broadheads. Jim shot this buck with his 56# Black Widow bow.







Congratulations to James Kennedy on this nice Mississippi buck taken with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Samurai 200 grain single bevel broadheads. Jim shot this buck with his 56# Black Widow bow.







JD Drew and a nice whitetail buck taken with the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows.







Bowhunter: Ben Fairey

Bow: Elite 50# Synergy

Arrow: Grizzlystik Momentum

Broadhead: Maasai 200 broadhead

State: Alabama







Dalton Hand shot this nice whitetail buck on the last day of season during the last half hour of light with GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows and GrizzlyStik single bevel broadheads. He took him quartering away behind the shoulder and blasted through the off side shoulder, complete penetration. The buck went about 100 yards and was down.







"Wanted to thank every one at GrizzlyStik especially Ginny and Todd for getting me set up with the challenge and Todd's tech support. Been using your shafts for a few years now and always liked the quality and stable performance,.Your products are all top notch!

I have had a passion for bow hunting since childhood,and have been blessed with bow hunting adventures all across the US and Canada,South america and Africa.I have seen many many bow kills and to many animals that didn't get recovered in my travels.

And I am 100% positive I would not have recovered this buck if I didn't have the proper arrow. The buck was cruising and I had a opening to shoot through at about 15 yards, when I drew he caught movement and stopped and looked right at me. I aimed lower than I normally do and released. The buck ducked and tried to spin when the arrow crashed completely through a rib the complete spine one lung and lodged under skin on off side, cant argue with success!

This was the maiden voyage with the new GrizzlyStik longbow, arrows, and broadheads! I would say thats some good medicine ! Thanks again you guys have done a great job educating bow hunters keep up the good work!" Dan Hurd









"This is a very special buck for me. I am not a trophy hunter - I am a hunter/gatherer. He presented himself to me and I made the decision to take the shot. It is a serious thing, taking a life. I am grateful for this deer, the meat, the experience, the lessons, and the sacrifice. Sometimes things work out as you hoped they would, sometimes they don't. This time, for me, things worked out beautifully and many healthy meals will follow.

I am convinced that the GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads were the reason I was able to harvest this buck. The shot ended up being too far back, but the 650 grain arrow gave me great penetration and the razor sharp broadhead caused massive internal damage. He traveled less than 100 yards before expiring.

I am grateful to Dr. Ed Ashby for all his research - his research convinced me to shoot 650 grain arrows (even from a 50# longbow) and sharp single bevel broadheads. That combination of heavy arrow and single bevel broadheads has increased my success rate and shortened the blood trails tremendously. Check out Ashby's top 12 penetration enhancements here.

My heart-felt thanks to GrizzlyStik and Dr. Ed Ashby - I am so proud to be part of the team!" Todd Smith

Bow: GrizzlyStik QN2 - All carbon longbow.

Arrow: GrizzlyStik Momentum TDT 550 - Thin diameter full length tapered carbon arrows. Coming soon...

Broadhead: GrizzlyStik 200 grain Maasai - Single bevel broadheads.









"I wanted to drop you folks a line to say thanks for the great products. I hunted the heat of Montana last week with temps topping 90 degrees but was still able to bring some meat back home. This cow was broadside at 50 yards and I tucked a Silver Flame XXL and a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows behind her right front shoulder. She went only 50 yards. This is my first elk and hopefully not my last. I’ll send you more photos this season as I have opportunities to do so. Thanks again!" Regards, Michael S. Juhasz

Update! "The arrows/broadheads received a lot of attention from the other hunters at Montana Whitetails two weeks ago.

Our guide asked my brother and I what we were using for heads and when we showed him the set-up (and when we showed how accurate they were, even at 60 yards on the target) he smiled. I passed around your info. Hope they convert as well!

I put a doe down on Saturday with the same head I used on the elk after touching it up. She left a short and heavy blood trail. Love the XXL’s. Let’s see how many critters I can run through with that head this season! Re-sharpens quite easily by the way.

Good luck this season." Regards, Michael S. Juhasz













Santiago Rossi travels the world bowhunting, guiding, and is part owner of Bowhunting in Argentina, a copmany that offers bowhunters amazing hunting opportunites and adventure.

Santi is a big fan of the GrizzlyStik System. He and many of his clients use GrizzlyStik arrows and broadheads for much of their bowhunting. We're glad to call Santi a friend. Here are some US success pictures from 2014.








Louie Paul and another nice buck taken with the GrizzlyStik XXL Silver Flame broadhead.







JD Drew took a nice Kansas whitetail buck with GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and Monarch 150 broadheads.










 Wild Bill took a nice late season Muley taken with Momentum arrows and Maasai heads.





Olivia Gentile with a Michigan Buck she took using a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Silver Flame 125 broadhead.











Bowhunting Maven Chad Bell scores again with his GrizzlyStik System: "Garrett- The GrizzlyStiks were flawless and amazing! Absolutely blew through this whitetail! FOC brother is where it's at! Love my Stiks and Nocturnal nocks! All I have to do now is get a new nock cause it broke off and this one will be ready to go again!" Chad Bell, Sitka Gear Pro Staff, GORE Hunting Tech & Gear Tester











"Last week I did my annual bow hunt in Kansas for big free range White Tail deer. The weather was very cold (down to 18, plus wind chill which put it below zero) for 3 days of a 6 day hunt. It was hard to stay warm, as with bow hunting you are sitting in a tree stand for a long period of time.

Attached is a buck I just shot on the 4th day of the hunt with bow and 125 grain GrizzlyStik Samurai. It scored 157 4/8th SCI. They thought that he weighed about 300 pounds. I have also attached a photo of another buck that I shot with bow in 10/07 at the same tree stand back in 10/2007 that also scored 157 4/8th. Amazing, the same score.

This year’s buck was the son of the buck from 2007. You can tell by the antler structure. He only went 47 yards from point of impact. There were 14 bow hunters in camp and we shot and recovered 8 bucks, and wounded one. All shot with bow/arrow.

It has really been cold in MT. Last week down at -20 degrees plus wind chill factor. It Finally has warmed up to about 30 this AM. I will end the Montana big game hunting season hunting for elk and deer with bow at the Montana Mexican John Ranch, LLC."
Steve Coale









"Another Blacktail down with my GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows and 175 grain Samurai broadheads." Reed Gatton









Shay Mann shared a little GrizzlyStik success with us - Congrats Shay!!









"Hi guys just wanted to send you a pic of the nice ten point i shot this year using the GrizzlyStik Momentum, 660 grain arrow, 200 grain Monarch single bevel broad head."
BJ Kennedy









Congratulations to Brent Watson he recently shot a nice mule deer buck and a moose with the same arrow and broadhead. He shared the story with us:

"I have preached to my guides and hunting partners for years on the performance of a single bevel broadhead. After reading the detailed report from Dr. Ashby concerning the design and function of single bevel broadheads I decided to give them a try. The design feature that impressed me most about this style of broadhead is the unique ability of the head to break and penetrate bone different than any other broadhead style.

Let’s face it, virtually any broadhead in today’s market, if sharp, can kill and leave a fairly decent blood trail of a whitetail deer, if the arrow is placed in the optimal location. The unique advantage that a single bevel employs is its ability to penetrate and break bone should a less than optimal arrow location be hit.

In the case of the second of my two deer (which were both shot with the 100gr Maasai), this extremely large (live weight 268) whitetail was hit high in the shoulder and was dropped on location. The arrow completely penetrated the scapula and immobilized the deer on the spot. A quick follow up arrow shortly thereafter ended the deer’s life. I cannot say enough about the performance of this broadhead design and I look forward to soon taking the 650 challenge and hopefully moving up to a 200 grain Maasai. Thxs and keep up the good work. "
DJ Merlo









Congratulations to Brent Watson he recently shot a nice mule deer buck and a moose with the same arrow and broadhead. He shared the story with us:

"I have had a pretty good fall so far. Shot this mule deer Sept 1 out of a treestand at a waterhole. 17 yards angling behind last rib up to opposite shoulder right to the fletch. Made it 75 yards on a run. Arrow and broadhead in perfect shape to use again. Still shaving sharp. He grosses 171 and nets 166.

The moose was shot Sept 13 out of a different waterhole. Used same arrow. 22 yards broadside. Entered thru ribs clipping one slightly. He made it app 60 yards. Arrow hanging by the fletch on the offside.

He broke my arrow when he went down (got up and down again and up and down again). Couldn't find the broadhead part. Grrrrrrr!! Be a great eating bull. Had a bigger bull come in grunting about 15 min later and stand right in front of my stand. Had 2 cows fighting. Great night.

EQUIPMENT -- Jack Kempf Kwyk Styk recurve at 51#. GrizzlyStik Momentums, 30", Broadheads are 150 gr. double bevel 2 blade Silver Flames. Total arrow weight 703 gr. FOC 21.7%. 140 fps. Kinetic energy 30.6 ft#s. Momentum 43.7 slug ft/sec."
Brent Watson







Congratulations to Reed Gatton and this nice blacktail buck he took this year. He shared his insights of the hunt with us: "Hey you guys, just wanted to say thanks for such amazing products. I harvested this blacktail on opening day with my dad and my two boys at my side. My GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows with GrizzlyStik 200 grain Samurai broadheads broke through his left front shoulder and out through the right at 70 yds. I feel that a light fast arrow with an expandable broadhead might not have gotten the job done. 26 1/2" wide 138 net B&C. My best buck to date, keep up the good work!!" Reed Gatton







Steve Coale knows how to put the big bucks on the ground. Here are two from 2013. Both taken with Samurai 125 grain broadheads. Total arrow weight 563 grains.







"Thanks for a great broadhead. The hunting is really good this year. Every shot has been perfect. Now after the big one. Thanks Talk to you soon."  Chuck Nease





"This is a 7.5 year old. The G2's were long but skinny. Big body but a deer on the downside of life. As you said any deer is a trophy. "  James Cook











Thanks to Brad and Louie Paull for sharing thier pics of nice bucks, a doe, and a hog - all taken with Silver Flame XXL broadheads.





"Tagged this buck in Saskatchewan today. I would have never taken the shot without the confidence of my 250 Momentum's. He was chasing a doe and I caught him quartering to me at 37 yards - had to thread the needle between two trees. I guessed he was 40 yards (not able to range him) and my Nano blasted through his shoulder blade and all the through the other side. 
I will send a pic of the shoulder blade tomorrow after I boil it. Split it just like you would expect with enough momentum to continue deep across both lungs. I watched him run off with the arrow sticking out both sides.
I am a true believer in Dr, Ashby's theory and the fine product you guys are putting out after consecutive kills on Brown Bear, Elk and Whitetail. What a season and I still have a few months of Whitetail hunting in my home state of Michigan!"


Derek Gentile  






Here's Joey Buchanan with a nice Whitetail buck taken with a Qarbon Nano longbow, our GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows, and the big wide deadly-on-whitetails XXL Silver Flame broadheads.




Here's Jeremy Johnson BowTech prostaffer and author with a nice Blacktail Buck taken with Momentum arrows and forged Ashby broadheads.



Bowhunter Magazine editor Curt Wells used a GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow and Samurai Broadhead to take this late season North Dakota buck.



"Hello GrizzlyStik, I (Roland Adams) recently asked for advice regarding arrows and broad heads for large North American whitetail and ended up purchasing the Momentum 28 1/2" 330's with 195 grains up front (20 grain added weight plus a 175 grain Maasai broad head), a total overall weight of 615 grains with over 21% weight forward!

They flew great! At the last minute my Son had a change of heart and shot my practice arrow and was impressed that the trajectory loss was not any different up to 30 yds and not much different at 40 yds!

So, what's a father to do? I shared my Grizzlystik's with him for our Illinois trophy hunt.

The photo was my Son's (Ryan's) mature Illinois buck taken November 20th (two days ago ) which he insisted the arrow & broad head be shown in his picture!

"The arrow Blew thru him." he said! The buck ran up the hill 30 yds, turned to look back , then fell over dead!

The arrow not only pass thru the 260 lb buck but buried 3/4's the length if the arrow in the ground!

I did not have any mature bucks give me an opportunity for a shot, but we were surely impressed with this combination. Just thought you'd like to hear a little feed back."

Roland & Ryan Adams Belle Chasse La.





"Garrett, I enjoyed talking with you the other day. Attached is the deer I got last year. Oh I know, he’s not Mr. BIG! but I got him the hard way (still hunting) and I got him with the best hunting bow in the world. Qarbon Nano longbow, THANK YOU!"

Happy Hunting Jim Booth











"This blacktail I shot on the last day of the season from very high in a tree stand. He was facing me at 25 yards and very alert! I'm not sure I would have been able to get a broadside shot in this case but with GrizzlyStik arrows and 200 grain Maasai broaheads I didn't need one. The arrow left the bow in whisper quiet fashion and entered his neck/shoulder junction and then exited in front of the hind leg. I found the arrow buried halfway up in the dirt behind the animal. I didn't need to track him because he never made it out of my sight. Thank you Alaska Bowhunting Supply for some truly game changing products!" Jeremy Johnson, Writer and Bowtech Prostaff





Nice Montana buck taken with a GrizzlyStik Silver Flame XXL broadhead and Momentum tapered carbon arrow.







"The GrizzlyStik Silver Flame broadheads have worked flawlessly. I am attaching some pictures of the results. Excellent Customer service and excellent heads! Thank you very much for every thing."  Sincerely, Federico






Veteran Mississippi Bowhunter, Mike Lewis, with a nice Mississippi River buck taken on private land in Coahoma Co. Buck fell to a scary razor sharp Silver Flame XXL head and piled up after 150 yards.






"I was lucky enough to shoot this animal that was quartering away at 15 yards. My 100 grain Silver Flame broadhead went all the way through him and out the opposite shoulder, breaking the shoulder. The deer did not go more than 100 yards and left an amazing blood trail. I was one happy camper when I put my hands on the 153 7/8” monster 9 point. These broadheads are amazing. I am a customer for life. Thank you!" Thank you, E.J. Nacey







"Here's a picture of my 2 boys and myself with a Whitetail buck I shot this past weekend. 11 points 169 7/8" Shot with a XXL Silver Flame Broadhead. The shot was 20 yrds, the buck ran less than 40yrds. Look closely at the pic and you can see the exit hole and the 3 XXL Silver Flame broadheads in the quiver.

Thanks for a great broadhead! Want a buck like this? to shoot a broadhead like this......."
Gary Troxlar








"I would like to express my gratitude for your expert advice and superior products. After driving twelve hundred miles from Texas and hunting for hours on end I was blessed to take this 178 – 4/8” Non Typical Whitetail on an early season archery hunt in Michigan. I have to admit that the first time I was introduced to the effects of momentum verse kinetic energy I was skeptical, but it did make sense to me. I ordered the GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow shafts and the test pack of field points and embarked on a three month test that confirmed to me that I have missed the boat for so many years. I went on this hunt with excitement and anticipation of how these arrows would perform. Once I found this deer I hunted all day from the stand with nothing but smaller bucks feeding up and down the hill side near me, when finally at last light he appeared at eighty yards on the hill side and worked his way within twenty six yards never leaving the security of the brush. At the last minute of shooting light after standing motionless for more than ten minutes staring directly my way he took that fatal step forward. The arrow passed directly through his front shoulder and exiting out the opposite rib cage on a quartering shot toward me. I found the arrow at the scene of the crime buried in the ground over half of the twenty nine and three eights inch length, a testimony to the mass amount of momentum that the grizzlystik carried. Garrett, I could not be more pleased with the performance of the GrizzlyStiks. GrizzlyStik has made me a customer for life. Thank you!" Jeff McCrary









Steve Coale used a single bevel Samurai on this record book deer. Scores 308 7/8" SCI









Congratulations to Rob Neilson, a prolific trophy taker. He took this nice Mule deer with our GrizzlyStik Momenetum arrows and our single bevel broadheads. Congrats Rob!!







Rob Neilson, Texas Whitetail: 125 grain Silver Flame, 535 grain cumulative weight, 16 yds, Pass Through











"With hunting season near a close, wanted to get you a snap shot of the deer that I have taken with bow in the last 12 months. Here are seven pictures of four different whitetail bow bucks. Passed up many smaller bucks along the trail, but as you know I am a trophy hunter. And like bow best." Regards, Steve Coale

Note: All of these bucks were harvested with GrizzlyStik broadheads. Congratulations Steve!! What a year!!









Garrett, this is a pic of my son Rowdy Walker with a South Texas management buck he took with a Maasai broadhead. It was a shoulder shot, grazed main shoulder bone, penetrated rib and got 7 inches of penetration through other shoulder. Ran 70 yards and piled up.

Had some Texas hunters raising their brows!
Hope all is well.
Rode Walker the original "Bone Head"









After an 18 mile round trip into the Colorado backcountry, countless miles tromping around the hills at 9,000 feet higher than my residence elevation, no hot meals for a week (note, Wal-Mart doesn't sell Jet Boil fuel!), I am now happy to announce I am once again taller than I am round.  After seeing 6 bears (with the meat from my buck hanging at piñata level for a 5 year old) and finding that there was an active mountain lion den just 200 yards behind my tent (with a fresh kill buried) I am happy that they only weight I lost was due to physical activity rather than removal by tooth and claw.  No fresh elk sign and average buck size about 30" smaller than years past, I feel extremely blessed to have shot this old bruiser.  He is easily the largest bodied buck I have taken in years.  Check out his funky looking rack, not much for forks, but some pretty neat character.  Not sure what good deeds I've done to have earned a season like this one so far, but you can be sure I'm rubbing that lucky rabbit's foot.
South Cox





Chuck Nease used a GrizzlyStik Arrow and 125 grain Samurai broadheads for this buck double.








Bill Pingsten used the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system for both these Minnesota bucks.









Joey Buchanan with a nice Whitetail buck taken with a Qarbon Nano longbow, our GrizzlyStik tapered carbon arrows, and the big wide deadly-on-whitetails XXL Silver Flame broadheads.










I am 6’ 5” so the animals always look smaller next to me. Some stats on the rack –
24.5 inch inside spread
Bases – 8.5 inches, and 6.5 inches respectively.
G2 is actually like another main beam – over 18 inches long.
He had broken off a few points – would have been over 200.
8.5 years old.

Michael Haack
Michael used the GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.








GrizzlyStik system suscess for this Ohio 9 point taken by Randy Vanderveen. 













Hello Garrett, Here's a couple of does I shot last week with the 180g XL's. Who said that 2 blades only make a slit?
These deer are the first I've ever shot with a 1.5" cut two blade. Complete pass troughs on both deer with a 46#  bow and 438 grain arrow. Here's some pictures of entrance and exit holes. I'm impressed with the holes the XL's made. I would post some pictures on tradgang if I knew how, for all those people wondering if 45# is enough. Field dressed weights were 124 and 113 lbs.
Good Hunting,  Keith Karr









Kevin Yineman used the GrizzlyStik Samurai 125 for his velvet Utah mule deer.








"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help getting our GrizzlyStiks ready for this season. Attached is the 1st buck in 5 years I have harvested, Cody my son was not able to get the time in the woods this fall. Maybe we will send a december hunt picture to you. Thanks to everyone at Alaska Bowhunting!" Regards, Dave Williams







"Hey Garrett, I Started using the Ashby this year and have had great luck with them. I shoot a 63# Moab longbow and shot two deer three times with the same arrow :)

My first deer was my first running shot and I forgot to lead him. I hit far back while he was quartered to and hit his pelvic bone, it walked up the pelvic and through his back ham cutting his femoral artery. The last shot was a double lung wile laying on the ground. I've never been this happy with a hunting set up."
Thanks, Darren







"Killed the biggest doe of my career a while back. Field dressed 140 pounds, which is enormous for a whitetail doe. I was hunting on the ground and stalked up on her at 20 yards. The arrow went completely through her and caught a sapling behind her, breaking the arrow. Damn trees. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!"







"I drew first blood in our house this morning! My biggest doe yet!

I just bought a gently used bow last Sunday and changed my entire setup except for my Silver Flame. I have new: bow, rest, sight, peep sight, release, vanes and arrows. I was a little worried about making so many changes a week before season but I worked with it everyday last week and got all dialed in. Standing broadside, 10 yard shot, double lung top of heart pass thru with 60 yard recovery; hit 2 ribs going in and 1 rib coming out; field dressed 145. Hope to get you more soon!"
  Christina Bonham







Here's GrizzlyStik bowhunter Jeremy Huntley with a super whitetail he harvested with GrizzlyStik arrows.








"All of these animals with 1 exception were killed with the same Silver Flame broadhead. They were all either complete or partial (with broadhead coming out opposite side) pass thru's. All of these animals dropped inside of 60 yards with excellent blood trails. I shoot a 42 lb. Matthew's Ignition and Easton Axis carbon arrows with 125 grain Silver Flame broadheads. I have complete faith in the Silver Flame and have had excellent results."
Christina M. Bonham










Chris Parrino with several great bucks taken with GrizzlyStik arrows.






Trey Halmark with a monster buck taken with GrizzlyStik arrows.








"Hey Garrett, here's the 5th deer this year with same GrizzlyStik arrow and Samurai broadhead." and got great penetration! Thank you GrizzlyStik!!!!" Joey Buchannan

Look at the picture of the entrance wound. Note the "L" shaped hole, a benefit of our single bevel GrizzlyStik broadheads. Also, notice see dirt on the broadhead. That's from shooting all the way through this big buck and sticking in the ground beyond! That's the kind of penetration you can expect from our GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system.







Whitetail Buck - 8 points. State: Maryland "First whitetail deer taken with my traditional bow. Used GrizzlyStik arrows and got great penetration! Thank you GrizzlyStik!!!!" Giovanni Rodriguez







"Hey Garrett, I just thought I would pass on my photos of the Whitetail I shot a week ago. Had a great hunt and managed to make a 20yd shot from a tree stand." Dan Burr







Here's a doe shot by Joey Buchanan that died within sight of his GrizzlyStik arrow and GrizzlyStik broadhead.

"I like the broken white in ASAT winter pattern. So i took a Griz Stick and sprayed it white then took some acetone and removed splotches of it to give it a broken appearance. We all know reading blood sign on the arrow is HUGE when deciding a tracking plan. Ironically this pic shows my deer didn't make it 10 steps. I really like the way the arrow showed up the blood sign .I think i'm changing all my arrows over to this. This pic is the crime scene..Arrow stuck in the mud after the shot, and dead deer in background at final resting place....She wasn't 12' under me the whole time. (35seconds) " Joey Buchanan








Here's Brent Scott and a nice mule/whitetail deer taken with GrizzlyStik arrows and a Maasai broadhead.
There have been some questions as to the kind of deer this one really is. Here's what we know so far...

"...Brent told me it might be mulie-whitetail hybrid (less gas/ better fuel economy I suppose) and I agree it seems to have lots of the characteristics of a whitetail deer. He sports the big, broad tail of course, is missing the white rump patch of a mulie, has the appearance of the white belly typical in a whitetail and carries the small ears as well. It might indeed be a hybrid. Blacktails are similar to a whitetail body/color wise but with a very dark or black tail of course, body hair more likened to a whitetail yet with more mulie type antler confirmation. The very large tail on Brent's deer appearing light brown atop and white underneath seems to be a tell-tale (or tell-tail) key here. I am not a deer expert but it does look a bit more like a whitetail to me."

"Yeah- I agree with all said. Locals there in CO thought it was a hybrid with that not being unusual. We re thinking hybrid wtih a lil of both!!!!!"
Brent Scott









"Here are a couple of pictures of the Mule Deer I killed on Sept. 4, 2009 here in Colorado. This is the biggest deer I have taken with my bow. The GrizzlyStik arrow and Ashby broadhead performed flawlessly, the only problem was it went through him so fast it broke the tip of the broad head in the rocks behind him.

Thanks for a great product, I will sharpen the broadhead and go see if I can kill a pronghorn and an elk. "

Tom Ashby from Craig, Colorado














GrizzlyStik puts down another one.  I love how quiet the finish is on these arrows, deer at close range never hear me draw.  Dave Pro